Hello world, Chad Sugg here...

Look, if you've followed my career, you may have noticed I like to create things. I've made music, books, videos, art; all kinds of stuff. Well, it took me 29 years to realize myself that yes, first and foremost my true love is making music, but aside from that I simply like to create. I love the simple, fleeting opportunity of making something from nothing. That being said, I'm utterly excited to announce something that I plan to have around for hopefully another 29 years, and it's called - Good Ghosts Co. With a name inspired by one of my favorite songs that I wrote 6 six years ago, this will be the place where you can find any and every new thing I ever release ever. No matter the name, no matter the medium, if you like the things I create this is the spot now.

Aside from being the new home for merch from my music projects (Chad Sugg, and Backseat Goodbye), this will be a launching board for my apparel & lifestyle brand. I've wanted to start a clothing line for a good 6+ years now, and finally a couple of months ago the ideas start clicking. The thing is, I wanted to have a brand that could be something new for me artistically, but also something that could maybe do some good along the way, too. (See, my whole eureka moment of the name "Good Ghosts Co." ties to my career, AND it links perfectly to the fact that certain items will be made for portions of the profits to directly support great causes across the world).

So yeah, this will be somewhat of a slow start, because one reason for launching this site/brand early is because I have a very big/cool/awesome announcement to share soon. And this will be the perfect place to share a big part of it. And while the first full "line" of Good Ghosts Co. apparel & accessories won't be coming until this fall - I do want to give a preview of what's to come!

That being said, as of right this second you can see and pre-order the very first GGC shirt EVER (pictured below)! And the coolest part, is that you all will be able to directly make this first design available through an awesome platform called Tilt. Basically, if enough people sign up to pre-order the shirt, then it gets made! (I'm totally unsure if people will care enough about this so early on, or if this style of pre-order will be something you all are cool with - but I figure it's worth a shot!)

So if you want to be extremely awesome, feel free to click HERE to see more details about the shirt & the special pre-order link! Only 19 days to make this happen, so feel free to help!

MUCH MUCH more to come soon!


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