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So wait, how does this work?
It’s pretty simple. Once your purchase a song, you’ll receive an email within 24 hours containing a special link. At the link you’ll find a form that helps guide you through the details you can give me that will help with me recording the song you want, the way you want it. Once I have those details, I’m able to get started, and in no time you’ll have your song!
What exactly is this "song shop”?
I started this project on a whim, basically because I felt the need to create & express myself musically at a time when I didn’t have the capacity to focus on writing & releasing an new original albums. This idea is a mashup of something that’s been done before, and things that haven’t (as far as I know). The goal with the song shop is to create music, connect with my fanbase in a unique way, and really to help keep me sharpened up on my music-making. In-between original album releases, I’ve gotten to where I don’t write, or do much of anything related to music - and I simply can’t stand that anymore. So this is my way of trying something new, my way.

So when is the Song Shop "open", and what if a song is "sold out"?
The Song Shop is open somewhat randomly, and it all mainly depends on my personal schedule, really. I'll always make sure to announce when it is going to be open via my social pages (specifically Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram).

If a specific song type is marked as "sold out", that doesn't NOT mean it's sold out forever. That just means that for this round of the Song Shop being open, that tier of song type is no longer available. And if the shop is "closed", that just means it is temporarily closed to keep my schedule from getting too overloaded with songs (which would then mean you'd have to wait forever to actually get your song). The shop will clearly be marked as OPEN or CLOSED. When it's open, the closing date will be clearly listed (so you know how long you have to try and grab a song). When it's closed, the next date it will be open will be clearly listed.

What can I do with my song after it’s done? Who can I share it with?
You are welcome to share this song with any number of friends and family, etc - you can even post this song on any free streaming site if you feel the need (SoundCloud, YouTube), but you cannot post this song for re-sale anywhere. More specifically, you cannot post to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, GooglePlay, AmazonMP3, or any digital retailer. While the song is officially yours, and you can share it, you cannot earn profit from it because that infringes on copyrights from both myself, and the original songwriter. If you post your song on YouTube, you also cannot claim ads on it through monetization, as that again infringes on streaming copyrights.
What am I really paying for when I buy a song?
You’re actually paying for a lot, most of all, my time and effort. You’d probably be surprised how much actually goes into even writing an original song or recording a cover song, even with just an acoustic guitar and my voice. Even if I’m familiar with a song, I have to learn how to play it the original way, then I mold that into the way that I want to express it/play it to fit my own style, then I have to make sure I know all the right lyrics, then perform the song take by take while recording it, then mix & master the song itself. Not to mention, I’m also designing special cover art for every song shop song, so that takes time as well.
Now, please don’t think me listing all those things is complaining… I actually like doing every single thing I just listed! The overall point though is, all of that combined, even for the simplest songs takes hours and hours of work. Aside from my music career, I actually have a full-time career as an account executive, not to mention I’m a single dad. So the cool part is, the song shop allows me to do these things I love to do, and create things for all of you, all while helping support myself and my son and my music career itself.

What songs can I have you cover?
I will cover any song you’d like, within reason. (I have the right to refuse any song choice that may harm my integrity as an artist/individual, or any song that I feel is distasteful or disrespectful/malicious toward any specific topic). Basically, I’m totally not afraid to curse in a song, or sing an angry song, or anything like that - but if you come to me with a song that’s just ridiculous or holds the record for how many f-bombs are dropped in a 3 minute span, I hope you’ll see why I’d have to steer your song choice in a different direction.

Wait, so you'll literally write me a song if I purchase an "original"?
Absolutely. You simply tell me what you'd like the song to be about (and you can also tell me if you'd like it to be a fast or slow song, sad or happy, etc), and that's it. If you'd like, you can even tell me a specific line you wrote that you'd like me to include in the song, or a name, or pretty much anything that'll make it super specific and catered to you. I really want each original I write for people here to be something special that they can be proud of themselves. Whether it's a song I'm writing for you, or one you're having me write for someone special in your life, the overall purpose is to make it count.
Not to mention, I'm offering the option of what style you'd like me to write it in... Whether you like my solo style better, or my Backseat Goodbye style - I can cater the song to either of these preferences if you'd like!
If I buy a song, how long will it take for me to receive the final recording?
This entire project is built around my day-to-day life. That’s why the songs are only available on an extremely limited basis, during specific limited timeframes. Every song is different, so I don’t like to give exact timeframes for turnaround, but in most cases for an Acoustic Cover Song or a Deluxe Cover Song, my goal is to have the song finished somewhere between 1 and 3 weeks. Again, so much depends on each individual song, along with the other songs that have been purchased by others.
All that being said, I try not to overload myself with this project. Each time the song shop is “Open”, the amount of songs available is meant to reflect the goal of me being able to complete the song in an agreeable amount of time. Overall, the goal here is to never have a song take more than 3-4 weeks to finish after purchase.
Can I buy a song to play at my wedding?
This question surprised me very early on, and is a very popular one. The simple answer - absolutely! As long as your wedding is a private event, any cover I record for you will be ready and able to use there.
Can I buy more than one song?
Yes, you’re welcome to buy as many as you’d like.
What if I bought an Acoustic Cover Song, but I got it and decided I’d really like to have a more full-sounding “Deluxe” version?
I’m more than glad to offer an “add on” in that situation. If you’re interested in taking your cover song option up a notch, just let me know and we can arrange appropriate pricing.

Have a question that wasn't answered here?
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