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Backseat Goodbye

Dressed Up Like Dreams - Digital

Dressed Up Like Dreams - Digital

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The debut full-length from Backseat Goodbye. Featuring popular tracks, such as: Technicolor Eyes, Hey, and 32 Ways To Make You Smile.

1. Swallow The Sun
2. Dressed Up Like Dreams
3. Summer Drive Song
4. Bottom Lips and Fingertips
5. Hello Yellow
6. Song For Audrey
7. Technicolor Eyes
8. Hey
9. 32 Ways To Make You Smile
10. Calico Kitten
11. Envy The Living
12. Boys, Girls, Sing!
13. Sidewalk Sing Along
14. The Future Is A Masterpiece
15. Reactions Over Resolutions
16. An Attempt To Forget
17. I Think I Might Change My Name To Tomorrow

Released: 10/16/2008

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